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Ximian™ Desktop, based on GNOME project software, is a complete desktop environment with a full suite of applications, including word processing, web browsing, email and personal information management, complete with documentation and web-based technical support. 

Supporting a broad range of leading Linux distributions, Ximian Desktop combines the GNOME desktop interface, the Red Carpet software management tool, and the Ximian Evolution groupware suite. 

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Ximian Evolution™ is the the premier personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. Ximian Evolution integrates email, calendar, contact and task list management in one powerful, fast and easy-to-use application. With full support for key data exchange and communications standards, such as IMAP, POP, SMTP, LDAP, iCalendar, vCard and more, Ximian Evolution enables tight integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other messaging systems. Ximian supports Evolution on a broad range of leading Linux distributions and UNIX variants. 

With the additional purchase of Ximian Connector, Ximian Evolution functions as a Microsoft Exchange 2000 client, with access to scheduling, mail, and global address book features.

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Ximian™ Connector extends the functionality of Ximian Evolution, connecting UNIX and Linux users to email, calendars, group schedules, address books and tasks lists using existing Exchange 2000 servers. With Ximian Connector, Ximian Evolution functions as a MS Exchange 2000 Client, allowing UNIX and Linux clients become full participants in company-wide group scheduling and other collaborative tasks. 

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Ximian Red Carpet is the leading software management solution for Linux desktops. The intuitive Red Carpet channel organization and automatic dependency and conflict resolution make it easy to install, update and maintain software over the Internet from Ximian, leading Linux distribution providers and a variety of independent software vendors.

Specifically designed for organizations running mixed computing environments, Red Carpet handles a broad range of Linux distributions, including Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, Debian and more.

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Red Carpet™ Enterprise™ offers administrators a secure, customizable and scalable software management solution that provides automated software dependency and conflict resolution for systems performing RPM or dpkg software
updates. Red Carpet Enterprise is the only commercially available solution that simultaneously supports systems running a wide range of Linux distributions. For organizations with heterogeneous environments, Red Carpet Enterprise is the best solution. 

Red Carpet Enterprise is deployed inside a corporation's firewall, so it is a completely secure solution. Using Red Carpet Enterprise, administrators set up and maintain groups of desktop and/or server systems to receive software Linux packages and updates. Software is organized into easy-to-understand channels, and a simple subscription metaphor is used to ensure that the right groups get access to the right software. In addition, Red Carpet Enterprise provides the flexibility needed to distribute internally developed or customized applications to their users. Both an elegant web UI and a powerful command line interface ensure that administration happens quickly and efficiently.

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Red Carpet CorporateConnect, a powerful web-based service that provides customers with centralized software maintenance and version management for Linux workgroups and servers. Uniquely supporting systems running a broad range of leading Linux distributions, CorporateConnect lets organizations update systems automatically or on demand with software from Ximian, Linux distribution providers and third-party software vendors.

Just as important, the service lets administrators create, manage and customize their own private, secure "channels" for company software standards and internal applications.

As a result, CorporateConnect customers can substantially reduce their costs of Linux ownership and support, as a centrally administered process simplifies the once-complex process of system maintenance and updating by IT managers, network engineers and system administrators.

Red Carpet CorporateConnect solves the software management problem for Linux-based organizations, providing significant productivity improvements and true cost savings for companies and groups managing Linux systems. "Its intuitive web-based administration, extensive software library, easy to use channels metaphor, and unique support for a wide range of Linux distributions, help companies, streamline the previously cumbersome process of open source software deployment and updating."

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