Data extraction

      AIRTRIA proposes to you the extraction in real time of existing and useful data. 3 various information types are treated:

  The Transitory information, disappearing.

Some concrete examples are the use rates of computers, equipment of production, any problem of physical flow or information flow (networks). Their analysis brings to you essential precise details as your equipment's utilisation, availability and the profitability.

  The Mobile information, evolving.

It can be illustrated by the tracing of a command within a chain of production. The main advantage of these data's processing is the possibility of detecting in real time the potential bottlenecks, at the physical level (chain of production) or optics (saturated networks).   

The Permanent information, growing.

This knowledge extraction enables you to gather all the characteristics of the computers, machines... Thus, maintenance is facilitated by this phenomenon identifiable to the memory.

  Thus AIRTRIA proposes to you a objective information synthesis specific to each type of data, enabling you to target the necessary intervention to one precise moment, answering existential questions such as: - is the level of personnel adequate?
- is it necessary to modify the number of machines?
- is it necessary to modify the capacity of the machines?
And so to guide you in the management decision-making.