Custom monitoring of remote device with SNMP

custom-made snmp agent


3D on line demonstration

AIRWAN aspect

      Resulting from AIRTRIA's engineers' research, AIRWAN was developed to meet a need for 3D visualization.


Technical description:

       AIRWAN 3D is a customer-server application developed in JAVA, integrating SNMP agents and a database (relational or object)server. A standard navigator is used for visualization interface and network creation. The objects are modelled in VRML.

Competitive advantages :

      AIRWAN is characterized by its Light (or thin) client since it is internet-based. Its major asset is the ease of understanding thanks to visual contribution of virtual reality, as well as its effortless handling through its simple interface. Moreover, all modifications (updates, data modifications...) are carried out on the server itself. Thus this centralization makes it far simpler to update software. The user gets a considerable benefit, especially by the fall of the labour and maintenance costs.


Some concretes applications:

- Network management (on large scale)
- Remote environment supervision
- 3D modelization of transport flux (physical or data)
- Visualisation of Virtual Worlds
- Activity in Virtual Worlds
- Simulation and forecasting of potential behaviours